Woody made magic and comedy his full-time career at age 26. Shortly thereafter he became the Maine Coordinator for David Copperfield's "Project Magic" program.
A Totally Adequate Magician
Sure, you may think you need an entertainer with lots of props, a fancy stage set, lighting, and special musical effects.

I know. I used to offer these!

I used to be known as "Maine's Most Popular Magician."

I was the first magical entertainer ever hired for the Maine Festival for the Arts, New Year's Portland (Maine), and First Night Burlington (VT), all high-end festivals that featured top local, regional and even national acts. I was the first magician ever endorsed by the Maine Touring Artists program, an arm of the state's Arts and Humanities Council. Up until that time, magic had not been considered an "art form". 

I was able to show them that "magic" is more than just a "guy in a frilly shirt" doing simple tricks to tacky music.

It's a "guy in a frilly shirt" bringing stories to life, involving the audience on a trip beyond imagination, and creating laughter and wonderment to young and old! 

Sometimes to tacky music....

But now...!

The years have gone by. I have mellowed. I am more serious now. (I also lie a bit more than I used to!)

I no longer travel with a crew, assistant, live animals, backdrops, lighting, and a sound system. I travel with a small wooden box and a vinyl carrying case. Inside the box I have collected some of the most memorable and mystifying magic effects I ever used. Some use very ordinary, household items. Some have a little mystery to them. But all of them entertain and bring laughter and wonder to my audiences!​

Why spend money on magicians who say they are 
"The World's Greatest", or "a Master Magician",
 or "Someone-or-other The Great"? 

What you really need is a magician who meets your needs. Someone who is totally... Adequate!"

                                                                        -Woody Woodward  

Sarasota, Florida  (207) 831- 0888
Woody Woodward
Magical Entertainer
Perfect Entertainment for:

> Private Parties
>After-Dinner Programs
>Senior Centers
>Annual Gatherings
>Holiday Parties
>Award Banquets
>Seminar Breaks
>Youth Groups
>Day Cares
>HOA Parties