The Early Years
    Woody grew up in Portland, Maine. While in his early teens, Woody joined the Children's Theatre of Maine, the oldest continuously-running children's theatre in the country. While touring throughout Maine at age 13, Woody met a fellow actor who was also a magician. When Woody figured out one of this actor's "tricks", the actor would wait till Woody had perfected it before teaching him another.

    In this manner, Woody learned to perfect a magic effect before learning another one, as well as using his skills as an actor to supplement the magical aspects of his performances. His first paid performance as a magician was at age 15.

Education and Experience
    Woody graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern Maine with a degree in both Criminal Justice and Theater. While attending USM, Woody studied under internationally-known mime Tony Montanaro, and again joined the Children's Theatre of Maine, at this point run in conjunction with the University's Theatre Department. 

    Over the years, Woody has trained in magic and the performing arts at seminars and conferences around the country, learning from some of the best in magic and illusion. He has also taught magic, clowning, and theatre both in public schools and in private settings. 

    Woody was the co-founder and past-president of the Society of American Magicians' Assembly 184, and has reached the level of Merlin-Shield with the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

    Over the years, Woody got involved with other careers, excelling in those but putting his magic on hold. However, he continued to perform for private parties and special events, keeping in touch with his magic roots and practicing his entertainment skills. He has now moved to Florida and is looking to re-enter the world of magic, 'though not at his previous involvement of 175 shows per year!

A Bit About Woody's Background
Woody with musician, model, and performance artist Shannon Rose Riley.
Woody with artist, dancer, and "Skoo" the clown, Susan Vincent
Woody has worked with many talented Magical Associates
over the years!
Woody with actor,-and a magical performer in her own right - Jude. 

Sarasota, Florida  (207) 831- 0888
Woody Woodward
Magical Entertainer