Magical Entertainment for Children & Families
    Many people believe that magic shows are meant for children. They are. For children of literally all ages!

  However, not all magicians are meant for youthful audiences. Playing down to kids, showing that the magician is "smarter" then the audience is, and making children the punchlines of the magician's jokes can cause resentment, challenges, and distance the performer from the audience. 

  Woody has performed for tens of thousands of children, both as an actor and magician. He has taught magic and theatre in both private settings and in public schools. Woody has also presented "Artist-in-Residence" programs for schools, camps, and recreation departments.

    At the same time. many children's entertainers are so geared towards the very young that they fail to involve the adults and older siblings in their performances. Woody makes sure that all are included. In fact, group coordinators say that they enjoy the show as much as the kids!

    He has learned the need for mutual respect and enjoyment with his magic, and often becomes just as surprised at the magic as the children are! 

Family gatherings and children's events
Woody incorporated music, costume, and characters in his magical programs to tell the stories.
Woody has always had a great relationship with kids!
A fun and exciting program for rec departments, schools, libraries, day cares, and other youth activities!

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Woody Woodward
Magical Entertainer