Gospel Magic with a Message
   In his later years, Woody took his love of God and his desire to share this love with others, and began the process to become a Local Pastor within the United Methodist Church.

    For many years before he was appointed, Woody had performed Gospel Magic for several churches. He would take a subject which looked at our desire to better our lives and become closer to God, and would find a way to illustrate this with magic and comedy. Never one to preach "fire and brimstone", Woody instead used magic and stories to get across the meaning of our lives with God; not so different than Christ's use of parables. 

    These magical stories can relate to many subjects. While Woody has programs specifically geared towards United Methodist doctrine and polity, he offers many examples which apply to all protestant faiths, including: keeping God in our lives, understanding how we are saved by God's grace and not our own "good acts", how having God's grace is shown by the "good acts" in us, how Christ saved us and what we need to follow His teachings, and more!

    A member of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, Woody now offers his "Magic with Meaning" to churches of all denominations and to private youth and senior groups, often as a fundraiser for the church or through a "love offering".

    In addition to his programs for all ages which specifically discuss United Methodist polity and doctrine (excellent for UMC confirmation groups or new member Welcome Events), Woody offers shows which focus on many general aspects of the protestant religion, including understanding God's Grace, salvation through Christ, the difficulties of following His guidance, how we can prepare ourselves against sin, why bad things seem to happen to good people, the need for people to gather together in church, and much more!
"Magic with Meaning"

Woody was first appointed as a 
Local Pastor in the United Methodist Church in 2018. 
Following God can be difficult. We need to keep our eyes on Him always!
Woody's experience in magic is coupled with his love for God and his desire to share God's Word

Sarasota, Florida  (207) 831- 0888
Woody Woodward
Magical Entertainer